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indentPrepare for What Will Happen - what to do before an earthquake
indentShelter Managers Should Know - how to prepare for and work with disabled people
indentTraining Rescue Workers - suggestions to train rescue workers before a disaster
indentEvacuating Wheelchair Users - tips on assisting wheelchair users after a disaster
indentCommunications After a Disaster - recommendations on how to disseminate information to people with disabilities after a disaster
indentManaging Shelters - recommendations on making emergency shelters more accessible
indentPoints of Service - recommendations on how to make services accessible after a disaster
indentRelated Websites - other websites that have disaster related information for persons with disabilities.

indentWhat Is DP2?


indentWHAT IS "DP2?"

"Disabled People and Disaster Planning" (DP2) was a group of people primarily from Los Angeles County who met during 1996 and 1997 and formulated recommendations to reduce or eliminate problems with accessibility that many disabled people experienced after the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. Within the group were individuals with disabilities and individuals from the disaster planning and response professions.

This website contains the group's recommendations, as well as other information relevant to assisting people with disabilities prepare for and cope with disastrous earthquakes.

This website is maintained by two members of DP2 in order to continue disseminating information to interested people in Los Angeles and other localities subject to major earth movements. From time to time, new information may be added. We are happy that within the disaster planning community, and between that community and people with disabilities, efforts to improve disaster preparedness, recovery and response for people with disabilities are continuing.

Robert Gorski
October 2001

626-744-4782 (voice and TDD)
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E-mail: dp2@citycent.com

Joel Morris
Member and Webmaster

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