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CityCenter Co. is a Pasadena, CA based website design and development firm with the majority of our clients in the greater Los Angeles area. We design websites for businesses of all sizes and descriptions – such as Sharp Seating, Clarion Construction, Fedde Furniture and the Pasadena Ice Skating Center. See some of our recent work on our portfolio page».

If you are looking for savvy design and programming professionals who understand how to integrate sound business basics with the very latest internet technologies, CityCenter is the right website design and development firm for you.



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Get Protection Now

Imagine, one of your good customers calls and says “I tried going to your website but I get a warning that it’s not safe – I think you’ve been hacked.” You rush to your computer...

QuickBits: Why would they hack my site?

Small business owners often think that their website won’t be hacked. After all, they are not a “big name” company, don’t store credit card numbers or have valuable personal...

What are you doing to market your website?

We have long said, “A website is a marketing tool which needs to be marketed.” You can’t just put a website up and hope people will find it. You can’t count on Google and other...

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