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CityCenter Co. is a Pasadena, CA based website design and development firm with the majority of our clients in the greater Los Angeles area. We design websites for businesses of all sizes and descriptions – such as OHR Energy, Clarion Construction, Fedde Furniture and the Pasadena Ice Skating Center. See some of our recent work on our portfolio page».

If you are looking for savvy design and programming professionals who understand how to integrate sound business basics with the very latest internet technologies, CityCenter is the right website design and development firm for you.

Is it OK to use this image?

Congratulations! You've found the exact picture to use on your website. It is the perfect representation of what your post, or page is about. Now comes the big question, is it...

QuickBits: Safe and seen

You’re certainly familiar with the “security lock” that shows up in your browser’s address bar. If the lock is green it signifies that the information you get from the website...

QuickBits: It’s brutal out there

If you keep hitting at something long enough and hard enough you will eventually knock it down. That was a military tactic in the middle ages when they used battering rams to...

Why Secure Your Website?

Good question. WordPress consistently updates its basic code to protect against hackers, so why do you need more than that. First, WordPress updates come about because someone...

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