Who We Are

The principals of CityCenter Co. are businessmen with more than 80 years of management and marketing education and experience between them. They combine their experience with technical skills and continuing education into existing and new internet technology to make clients’ websites a success.

Since 1995 CityCenter has worked with their clients to determine which internet technologies will best achieve the desired results. Their philosophy is that just because something is new and flashy doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

They also work with a variety of specialists in specific online specialties to further broaden their scope and fulfill the needs of clients.

At CityCenter they create sites that not only get the client’s message across, but their personality as well. Each project begins with understanding what the client does, as well as what they want the website to do, who the site is targeted to and what the client has done in the past to reach these people.

Most clients have spent years creating a “company identity” with their marketing, stationery and brochures. We incorporate that identity into the website, thus using the new marketing tool to leverage the old.

CityCenter Co. works with their clients to make their website an integral and effective part of the company’s marketing arsenal.

Let CityCenter work with you to give your clients and prospects the best internet experience available. Let us know how we can help».




Joel Morris and Ron Penner - CityCenter Co - Website Design