CityCenter Co. specializes not only in the design of static websites but also in custom programming of dynamic sites. We utilize a number of different programming languages such as ASP, PHP, and JavaScript. We are often called upon to add dynamic content or E-commerce components to other designer’s sites. In recent times we have programmed the following functionality:

  • Dynamic content generation, input and retrieval
  • Member proximity locator by zip, city and district
  • Automatic graphing of client survey results
  • Site search
  • Client tracking and follow-up
  • E-commerce

CityCenter’s programmers can work in the Unix, Linux or Windows environments utilizing Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and MySQL databases.

We have worked with a number of different shopping cart such as:

  • MIVA Merchant
  • VP-ASP
  • OS Commerce
  • and others…

We have added shopping capabilities including configuration of real time credit card processing, affiliate programs, direct connection to USPS for shipping charges, special discounts and more.

Some of the websites we added dynamic functionality to are:

  • California Chiropractic Association
  • Big Tree Supplies
  • Tournament of Roses
  • Xytech