Radio personality and food expert Melinda Lee had an existing website that needed a facelift and more. We converted the site to a WordPress content management system so Melinda could keep the site up-to-date and created a custom recipe database for her thousands of recipes. The recipes not only had to be searchable but also easily printable. CityCenter also was able to migrate Melinda’s very active forum without loosing past posts.

CityCenter – Joel and Ron – were recommended to me by a business for which I have a great deal of respect. My website was several years old at that time and in need of a major facelift. It was (and is) a large website that contains a lot of information which is updated and supplemented constantly. There is a huge archive of recipes (more are added regularly) which must, like the other information, be easy to identify and find and easy to print – and easy for me to edit and supplement.

Joel and Ron did a wonderful job – streamlining and improving function, integrating…  Melinda Lee  — Read more

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