In this weeks edition of our new series Web 101, the basic things you should be looking at if you are thinking about a new website, redesigning your current site or just want to be sure your website is as good as it can be, we look at Content Management Systems and whether you should use one.

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There are a number of ways to build a website. They are:

  1. The static (HTML) method, the oldest of the methods, it is quite stable and almost unlimited in design capability. It does however require knowledge of the HTML coding language.
  2. The dynamic (database driven) process, used to create webpages “on the fly” using a database and special programming languages. This system is used for sites with a great deal of information such as large catalog and e-commerce sites. Dynamic sites are more expensive to set up but easier to maintain for a large site. They definitely require a well-trained programmer and web designer.
  3. The content management system (CMS), is an online system for publishing and modifying the content of a website. A CMS allows almost anyone to make website updates with a simple online interface from any computer with a browser and internet connection. Users can create new pages, add-edit-delete content, upload new pictures and more. While an inexperienced user can create a website without any professional help using a CMS, the product is not always the most professional looking website on the net. It is highly recommended that the initial setup and design work be done by a professional with the client then taking over the maintenance. CMSs also require occasional updates to the programming which can be tricky but are very important. For data information on CMSs see our blog.

It is important to choose which method you want to use prior to the design phase as each method requires a different approach when creating the website. CityCenter Co. is proficient in all three methods of building websites and can assist you to make the right decision.