Welcome back to our new series Web 101, the basic things you should be looking at if you are thinking about a new website, redesigning your current site or just want to be sure your website is as good as it can be. Today we look at measuring your success.

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What criteria are you going to use for the site’s success?

How are you going to determine whether your site is successful or not? This is pretty easy when it is a sales site. How many sales does it make? Does it give you a return on your investment?

But what about a brochure site? How do you determine if the site is doing anything for you? You could count how many people see the site every month. But that wouldn’t measure success. If the site is a brochure for your business then you want people to not only see it but to then contact you about what you do. So the measure of success would be contacts from the website, whether calls, emails or responses from an online form.

If your site is informational, with no other agenda, then visits to the site are valid criteria.

Whatever your criteria is going to be, make sure you know what it is at the beginning of the design. That way the site can be created to achieve that criteria.