Welcome back to our new series Web 101, the basic things you should be looking at if you are thinking about a new website, redesigning your current site or just want to be sure your website is as good as it can be.

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Lesson Two:
Once you’ve determined the purpose of the site it is essential to determine who your audience will be. You might ask yourself these questions:

  • If you are looking for new clients, who is your ideal client?
  • If it’s an informational site, who is the information aimed at? What will they do with it?
  • Who is your target market? Men? Women? Children? What age group? Etc…

This data is important when writing the site content, choosing the images to be used and in all the aspects of your marketing. A site that sells chainsaws most likely will be geared towards men. It will feature pictures of big burly men cutting through large logs. While a site about breast cancer awareness would be written and designed for women and feature very different pictures.

So think about it. Whether you’re just starting a new site or looking to improve the one you already have, take a good look at who you want to see your website and how best to make it attractive and useful to them.