Any edge you can get to make your business stand out online – and in particular in Google – is a good thing. We recently set up a client to appear more prominently in Google Local Business Center and wanted to show you how easy it can be.

screen captureThis image shows the results of searching for “employment law pasadena” on Note the one that has a photo – that’s our client!

The first step of the procedure is to get a Google account. Like (almost) all things Google it is free. Once you have that and are logged in to Google you can go to – this is the starting point for Local Business Center.

You can then find your business and add information, photos, hours of operation, etc. This additional content is what will set your business apart from others.

At that point it is only necessary to “claim” your business – Google will verify that you have the authority to enter information on that listing and then your updates will be visible to all.

See our short video here of some of the additional things you can enter in to LBC: