Makin' a list

Photo courtesy of hyena reality

We have a written marketing program at CityCenter. It is an overall plan of objectives to achieve and activities to do to get there. From that we pull which ones we’re going to get done that week. If you’re the type to be really organized then you make a daily checklist of things to get done and always include some marketing items.

But what do you put in your plan? The Internet abounds with marketing websites, blogs, pundits and ideas.

You know your business best – what has worked for you in the past?

Here’s our list:

  1. Have a plan – “make more money” is a good idea, but a bit too general. What is an objective you want to achieve for your business (”1st page of Google”, “brand recognition in my city”, “20% more market share”) and then what are the steps to get there?
  2. Join your local Chamber of Commerce – this can be an effective activity if your market is in the local area and your audience is other businesses. You can get known for your helpfulness and then remembered for what you do.
  3. Host an event or class – you’re still in business because you know what you’re doing. By giving a presentation at a networking meeting, business group, or local community college you can show others what you know and become a source of answers in your field.
  4. Make sure you have a website – and update it often. We particularly like this one. But really, unless you want to stay a “hole in the wall” business you’ve got to have a website. And you have to put content on it. Often.

Those 4 items are from a great article 35 Marketing Tips to Get (or Keep) Your Business Going. Besides the ones above there are 31 other gems that you might be able to put on your marketing plan, and some on your weekly and daily checklist.

Enjoy the full article here: