Google Analytics – Terminology

Google Analytics ScreenshotGoogle Analytics is the web measurement tool we install most often for our clients. It’s free, very comprehensive and a great aide in your online marketing efforts. With Google Analytics you get ongoing usage statistics which you can use when making decisions on how to improve your site’s performance.

But the terminology with Google Analytics – “page views”, “sessions”, “visitors” – can be confusing. This article clearly explains what each term means so you can use Google Analytics like a pro.

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Grow Your Blog

Logarithmic growth patternStarting a blog is often given as a solution to getting your company noticed in the online world. With a blog you are doing “content marketing” (creating content to attract attention and eventually sales) so you have something for the search engines to notice. They give higher rankings to websites that are updated frequently with new content.

But a blog can seem to not produce any result and so get abandoned. This article explains how to push through that “no results” time period and achieve your end goal.

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