Get your business found

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For a business, your website is a core component of your marketing plan. But it doesn’t do you any good if nobody ever sees it.

Do you wonder how to make your website make the phone ring? bring your more customers? or sell more products? In fact there are lots of things you can do and they don’t have to cost much money.

The article listed below has 7 broad categories of actions to take to be found on the web:

  1. Help the search engines find your company
  2. Optimize and enhance your website
  3. Create a personal and business presence on social media
  4. Promote your business on social media
  5. Ask colleagues to post testimonies
  6. Blog your way to page one on search engines
  7. Promote your blog posts on social media

Then within each category are specific action steps to take. Things such as:

  • get listed on business directories (list included),
  • update your website content regularly (hire somebody if you need to),
  • respond to and thank people on social media,
  • get testimonials from colleagues and clients.

The point is that you can improve the visibility of your website and thereby get more business. Call us at 626-449-0100 if you need help! If we can’t do what you need we know people who can.

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