A/B TestingOrange button or purple button? “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”? Ask for a phone number or just an email address:

All of these are questions that might go through your mind when looking at your website and trying to decide which design is going to drive the most sales.

Maybe it’s only you pondering these questions. Or you might have a whole committee making the decision. Or you could just go on your web designer’s advice.

But that’s just shooting in the dark and it’s hard to hit the mark when you do that. The answer is A/B Testing. You set up a web page with version A and another with version B. Your web designer modifies your site so half of the visitors get each design, and then you check your usage statistics (like Google Analytics) to find out which got the most response.

But what kinds of things should you test? Not every element on your website needs to be examined. The article 7 Simple A/B Tests to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates gives you 7 items to test to get you the best results.

  1. Call to Action – measure what you want a visitor to your site to do. “Buy now”, “Join our mailing list”, or “Call us” are all things you would want to test the wording on.
  2. Copy – test your headline and main sales text.
  3. Images – different images may get different responses.
  4. Funnels – how you lead a user through your website can make a difference.
  5. Navigation and Layout – Overall structure of your website can have a huge impact on sales.
  6. Forms – are you asking too much? Not enough? Test it to be sure.
  7. Mobile-friendliness – Of course your website must be mobile-friendly. But how it is displayed on a mobile device can have an impact – test different versions.

Measurement of actual responses of the items above can make your website do more work for you and lead to success for your business.

Read the full article here: 7 Simple A/B Tests to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

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