Cookie samples

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Rather than just giving a discount, why not give it all away? Well, not the whole thing, just a sample.

We’re used to the concept of giving away a sample in grocery stores (”Would you like to try our _______?”), but not so much in many other industries.

A sample allows the buyer to hold, feel, and experience what you offer. Rather than just being part of the noise in the environment you allow the buyer to become comfortable with your product or service. They now know what it would be like to own it or use it, and suddenly it is much easier for them to buy. You are now familiar to them.

If you are an automobile salesperson you wouldn’t give away sample cars, but you do encourage the prospect to take a test drive – they get to sample the feel of the automobile and what it would be like to own it.

Even in service businesses it is possible to come up with creative ideas to let a client check out what it would be like to use your company – maybe a free lecture, free report or a tour of your facilities.

It’s worth spending some time coming up with ways to let people sample what your offer for free and get customers in return.

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