Talk to your group

Photo courtesy of Masha Danilova

One of the best ways to get search engines to notice your website (and rank it higher) is to regularly be posting new content to it. These days this is known as “content marketing” or “inbound marketing” – writing something (content) so people and search engines look at it (inbound).

But coming up with ideas of what to write can be a chore. You run out of ideas. What to do?

Talk to your co-workers! They will have ideas, or certainly experiences you can tap into. They have dealt with your company’s customers, they can tell you how your product or service has helped other people. In short they have stories to tell that you can write about.

The article noted below gives 7 simple steps you can take to tap into how your team members can contribute to make your company known with content marketing:

    1. Explain what you need and why.
    2. Give constructive feedback.
    3. Go face-to-face.
    4. Ask for less and offer to do more.
    5. Pull all the great minds together.
    6. Make it fun (or competitive).
    7. Play the dictator.

That’s the summary, but be sure to read the full article here:

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