It started with websites – a new technology that allowed anybody with Internet access and a hosting account to publish information that the world could see – and see it instantly! No printing costs, no mailing costs. And that started only about 15 years ago.

Then came blogs – an even simpler way to get your message online. An easy interface to use to type in what you want to say – and people see it instantly.

But now that you’re a “writer” who is going to be “published”, what do you write? My mother would be the first one to tell you that I never wrote (snailmail) letters. She paid for me to phone home. Email has been a boon to both of us, but I still don’t usually sit down to write articles or get all chatty with emailing friends.

But I do enjoy what I do as a developer (programmer) with CityCenter. I enjoy learning about new online technologies and determining which ones look like they’ll be of the most benefit to our clients. We like to help our clients improve their websites and help their customers. So that’s what I write about in our blog.

Here is an article I read recently that really gave me some direction and ideas on how to make this blog worthy of reading: Use Blogs to Extend Social Reach, Drive Online Sales. It has some tremendous tips on wrting blog articles – I hope you find it useful!

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